Making Democracy Work

Town Meeting

Andover and North Andover have an Open Town Meeting form of government: All residents who are registered to vote can speak and vote at Town Meeting.

  • Newcomers Guide to Town Meeting: An engaging introduction to Town Meeting - who's who, what to expect, how to behave. This description focuses on North Andover; however, the general idea also applies to Andover. (2006)

  • Promoting Best Practices at Town Meeting: A summary of positions adopted by the LWV of Andover/N. Andover to promote a robust Town Meeting.

  • Comparing Open Town Meeting, Representative Town Meeting and City/Town Council: A League study surveyed other MA communities that had switched from Open Town Meeting to either Representative Town Meeting or a City(Town) Council form of government. The questions that were posed were:
    1) What caused the switch, and
    2) Did the switch solve the problem?
    The results show that Representative Town Meeting does not solve most of the problems that arise with Open Town Meeting. (2002-2003)